Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: World’s Tallest Lego Tower




A heroic endeavor indeed!!
The world’s tallest Lego tower!!
What more can I say?!

Studio III’s Hero Wednesday: 3d Print Canal House, DUS Architects

Weirder then fiction (at least to an architect or builder)…but actually if you think about it, cars are made by robots, many surgeries are done or assisted by robots….so what’s so crazy about a building being made by robots, or 3D printer? Well watch this little video and let your mind wander a bit. The possibilities are many, the draw backs too, but these Architects are really looking to address a lot of the BIG questions of our future. And is it our future or just a passing fancy, or….a step along the way.

The project’s dedicated website is really quite interesting….poke around and discover more.



For a look at what else these architects from Amsterdam are thinking about check out their website!

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: The Haas Brothers

Well, they look just like…some dudes you might have gone to school with…or know from somewhere.  But they are among the most creative and successful artists of today. What’s more important and the real thrill is their thinking about what they do…making things and their creative process.  How and why we make things, express ourselves and lend meaning to the world is something that architecture and architects struggle with constantly so it’s refreshing to hear someone talk about a rigorous process of exploring creative possibilities, the nature and character of materials the reason and science…coupled with creative free spirit and will to look beyond.  Its open and closed at the same time…scientific and intuitive…unbridled by convention and expectation…and really making a splash in the fashion and art world.

Check out the interviews and their work!
And what fuels creative minds?…who do they hang with?, where do they go? what do they “see”???….”..what are they building in there?…” as Tom Waits said.

Studio III architects’ Hero Wednesday: CHANCE

We, no doubt, spend most of our lives preparing for something whether we know it or not, be it school, our work, parenthood, sports, reading, …being….
A huge and mostly invisible aspect of our lives and what we become…or don’t become is….chance.
The Artist is our culture’s mechanism for looking at ourselves. The artist is one way we we can ask the unanswered questions of life…like what role has chance played in my life?…how did I get here?…my god what have I done?! (sorry couldn’t resist the Talking Heads’ David Byrne quote)

Christian Boltanski, one of the most famous artists of our time, has an exhibit in Sydney Australia that attempts to make YOU think about chance, destiny, time, and the events of your life….”what if”, suggests that anything is possible, or at least an endless deep sea of questions…or not. What does it do for you? Check out the videos and article!